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PalmSecure U GuideThe correct selection of equipment PACS provides reliability, convenience and the functionality of the access control system. The offered equipment is developed in accordance with modern requirements to security systems, provides the possibility of further upgrade, is integrated into a comprehensive security company. Under hardware access control refers to a wide range of devices access control: controllers, readers, blocking devices and card readers. ACS is easily adaptable to any tasks, just modificeres, provides permanent control of access of visitors, preventing unauthorized penetration of the protected objects. The set of equipment gives the opportunity to arrange a convenient automated access control system for staff and guests, to perform the control actions of the guards and operators, provides the utmost order and discipline. Controllers, in addition to its direct functions, manage the Executive devices – card readers, card readers, turnstiles, control, security sensors.

PalmSecure Sensor Guide Kit STD

PalmSecure v.2

Coupler straight, angular

Board I/O extension CB-AC21

PalmSecure U Guide Kit

Reader Assembly recessed v.1.11

Controller TUCBI - 21















Software Tendo: PACS expands the possibilities of access control equipment and connects all components into a single system. Module time tracking, for example, provides labor discipline in companies with a large staff, simplifies reporting. The module is issuing cards control the intense flow of visitors, allowing to trace the route of movement of any person. The security officers receive the ability to display images from cameras with reference to the plan of the building, to specify the behavior of algorithms in different circumstances. Proximity readers – this equipment ACS to work with contactless cards. They have a high read-range, operate in a wide temperature range, ensuring high level of safety for projects of any scale and profile.

On the basis of multifunctional and high-quality equipment creates a reliable access control security systems of any scale, including large enterprises. All products are certified in accordance with the safety requirements of Russian and international standards.

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