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All keys in our hands!

Registration of biometric data of the employee in Tendo: access control Biometrics

To register a palm employee in Tendo: ACS opens the employee table, select which hand will be scanned (left or right). A window will open invitation to scan hands. The employee places the palm on the cradle of the scanner. If necessary, the system will automatically ask to move the hand for more accurate positioning. Box next to the status bar will display the silhouette of the palm. Scanning appears in the status bar. When the first scanning, the system prompts you to take my hand off the scanner, then, after a pause – again, bring the hand. After a successful scan the vein patterns of the palm associate can be stored in the database.

Record the time of arrival of the employee in the office using the palm vein scanner

Entering the office, the worker presses a palm to the scanner veins, located around monitor attendance. A scanner reads the pattern of veins of the employee and transmits it to the system of accounting of working time. The system recognizes the employee, notes his arrival at the office, and displays on the monitor the relevant data. When you exit the office the process is similar.

Display information about the employee, otskanirovala his hand at the entrance to the office, on the monitor screen guard

After the incoming employee scanned my hand with the help of a biometric scanner on the screen of the workplace Tendo: ACS Panel guard displays the employee's personal data. If necessary, the guard can respond to the passage of the employee with the security remote.

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