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Tendo Developer

The unit's basic task - the development of software for automation of control and accounting. All program complexes developed exclusively by our own programmers of the company. As a result of this work was created a range of software products covering a broad range of tasks and effectively automate a variety of enterprise commercial and public sectors.

Software products company Tendo:

  • Tendo Tovarodvijenia;
  • Tendo A Restaurant;
  • Tendo's working time;
  • Tendo Accounting;
  • Tendo Document;
  • Tendo Cashier;
  • Tendo POS;
  • Tendo Videora;
  • Tendo a Mobile vendor;
  • Tendo a beauty Salon.

These developments allow to control the whole process of turnover from procurement to retail sales, to effectively automate the operation of restaurants, cafes, fast food, generate accounting statements for firms in wholesale and retail trade, to control the entire workflow process, to conduct quick and accurate physical inventory.

A special place among software systems is program Tendo Merchandising, specifically designed for the market of wholesale and retail trade and allowing to control the trading process from procurement to retail sales.

  • Automation of enterprises of any complexity with an unlimited number of jobs;
  • Operational ONLINE exchange of information between enterprises;
  • Support geographically remote retail outlets with a centralized accounts Department;
  • Integration of the module with all kinds of electronic equipment;
  • Implementation of various schemes of work of the enterprises taking into account specificity of business processes;
  • Conduct retail and wholesale sales of goods within a single enterprise;
  • Flexible pricing and discount system; Maintaining a calendar of vendor payments;
  • Records of the transport Department;
  • High degree of automation of routine operations;
  • Effective personnel management;
  • The reliability of the system 24 hours/day × 7 days/week.

An important place in our software product portfolio Tendo is a recently developed solutions using RFID. These solutions include software packages Tendo RFID security RFID Tendo Accounting and inventory, Tendo Mobile hospital (RFID) to effectively combat counterfeit products.

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