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Tendo Integrator

The main task of units – to develop integrated solutions for automation of enterprises of different scales and formats. Decisions of the company - the development of proprietary software and use of the products of the best companies-equipment manufacturers, such as Motorola, IBM, INTEL, Zebra Technologies. Due to the interaction of these two components today, the company is ready to offer its clients the most sophisticated solutions in the field of automation of business processes.

Implementation of solutions for our customers involves a range of different activities:

  • Analytical work to create information solutions best suited for Your company;
  • Selection and supply the best equipment needed to integrate developed solutions;
  • Development of individual software or modifying existing software systems to the needs of a particular customer;
  • Installation of equipment at the plant and integration of the software;
  • Full technical support of an established complex.

The company develops solutions for enterprises of various spheres of activities and formats

  • Trading solutions for shops, supermarkets, retail chains, wholesale companies, entertainment centres, restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets, service centers, boutiques;
  • Accounting solutions for accounting, time tracking, equipment warehouse, etc.

A separate place is occupied by RFID solutions for various commercial enterprises and public sectors. Among these decisions are: software systems of Tendo RFID authentication Control, Tendo RFID records and inventory of OS, Tendo a Mobile hospital (RFID).

  • In the framework of the Moscow machine-building plant "Forward" the system works Tendo RFID authentication Control, involving RFID-coded aircraft units in production in the shop. The use of RFID is due to their greater, in comparison with the serial number, security against counterfeiting, which helps to protect the labeled times products from possible changes in subsequent stages of operation. In the end, is the level of investment protection enterprises in manufacturing.
  • In the all-Russia centre of medicine of accidents "Protection" the Ministry operates a system of Tendo a Mobile hospital. The system includes RFID labelling of victims in emergencies with the entry in the field of primary health data. The use of RFID tags sewn into special medical bracelets, is due to their greater, compared to the barcode, resistance to external (physical and chemical) influences that helps to protect the collected information. "From the field" all the data is transferred to the hospital to prepare to receive victims.
  • System Tendo RFID records and inventory of fixed assets to ensure effective management of asset accounting. The system provides the whole set of documentation for the object, makes possible the efficient identification of objects with the receipt of all necessary information about him at any stage of management accounting, implementing fast and accurate RFID inventory allows you to control the movement of OS within the system, including the facts of unauthorized removal of OS from the company.

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