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Control of tire-based RFID

machinaOne of the areas of effective application of RFID technology is the control tyre at the enterprises of motor transport. The problem faced by companies with a fleet of vehicles, is that expensive tires may be replaced by counterfeit products when the company vehicle is on the road or even within the zone of the fleet. This raises the need to monitor the bus fleet to minimize costs and preserve the investment of the company. The most urgent task of the control tires is for fleets of trucks and agricultural machinery, where the cost of tyres is particularly high.

RFID control system tire company Tendo

Tendo company offers innovative control system of tire based on the radio frequency identification (RFID). The principle of operation is quite simple and involves several components.


RFID tags

The car is glued to the RFID tag, to an individual number which get attached all the necessary characteristics, including its model and number. RFID tags are also marked all the wheels of the vehicle, marks are embedded directly inside the tires. Thus, the RFID tag difficult to remove from the tyre to its substitution. In addition, tag has a unique RFID chip with a unique identification number, which is almost impossible to forge or falsify that provides effective control of tyres.


RFID readers

Necessary element of a control system of the tire is the use of fixed RFID readers. Each reader has a certain number of antennas, which sends a radio signal to the tag, in response to which markers give the reader their individual identification number. At the exit from the fleet are a few such readers with antennas located at the level of the car body and the tire on both sides, which allows to correctly read all the tags of the car, getting the ID number labels full information about what car it's for, what it should be and the tires are these tires on this car. As a result, the correct tire control provided by an accurate RFID identification at the entrance and exit of the object.

Information database

Control system tyres also implies the existence of a single database which contains all information about the fleet of cars and owned by each unit in the fleet tires. When receiving a tire / new vehicles on the enterprise objects are marked with RFID tags, individual numbers of RFID tags are read by mobile RFID terminals, and then individual RFID numbers in a database linked all relevant information about the marks of marked objects. As a result, when the entrance / exit of vehicles in the database in the on-line mode displays information about whether the RFID number of tires RFID number of the car and are all tires have them implanted RFID tags or a set of tires was replaced and does not contain RFID tags. This allows the database operator to effectively monitor the tires of company vehicles, controlling the authenticity of the tires and tracking all counterfeit objects.

kontr_shinThe control of entry / exit object

Control system tires also allows you to keep track of all the facts of entry / exit of vehicles and thereby obtain the latest information about when the car left the fleet, when she went back and returned it at all. It allows you to monitor the work of staff, the time taken to travel, to monitor the safety of all objects of the fleet. On customer request the system can be associated with a barrier at the entrance / exit of the enterprise to provide automatic access to the territory of the enterprise / departure from the company.

Mobile RFID terminals from the staff

Inspection system of tyres can also be supplemented handheld RFID terminals from the staff, which enables efficient RFID inventory of all sites of the enterprise. RFID inventory provides particular efficiency of accounting due to the possibility of reading a large number of labels at a great distance - the operator remains to go into a certain area, click on the mobile RFID terminal, walk with him through the territory, holding the button, and thus for a few minutes to collect all information about all objects.


The advantages of RFID control system tires

Control system tire-based RFID technology provides for the transport enterprises of the whole complex of significant benefits: the fight against counterfeiting and substitution of tires, the safety of investments in vehicles, effective supervision of staff, monitoring of all the facts of entry and exit of vehicles from the enterprise, operational establishing facts of loss of vehicles, quick and periodic RFID inventory of all the objects of the company.

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