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RFID technology


RFID technology - automated systems, using in their work a method of automatic identification of objects using radio waves (Radio Frequency Identification, RFID). At its minimum, any RFID technology as a system involves several mandatory components. On the one hand the system has a RFID tag, which is a sticker with a microchip and antenna inside, on the other hand, RFID reader, representing a protected computer with the antenna. Upon activation of the system the reader sends the tag the radio signal, in response to which the label passes the reader its identification number, thereby providing accurate and fast radiogenicity of the object on which the label is attached. Through this principle of RFID technology to provide businesses a number of essentially new tasks or substantially optimize existing business processes.

RFID technologies in Russia

RFID technology today is one of the most developing directions in the field of automatic identification of objects. In Russia this direction appeared relatively recently and recently there is an increasing interest from the it companies, contractors, businesses and professional communities. So, in the Runet there were a new specialized portals (RFIDEXPERT, ID Expert), the government (RUSNANO) creates project company, and discusses standardization issues (SCRF), on the market there are more it companies, which are interested in development and integration projects based on RFID technology. Interest in the technology is expressed in purely economic terms. So, according to experts, the compound annual growth rate RFI D market in Russia in the period from 2008 to 2010 exceeded 19%.

However remains well-known distrust of RFID technology. In this respect it is indicative that the rate of growth of the RFID market is still largely ahead of real demand. Distrust of RFID technology is largely due to their complexity, so that the market a little more it integrators who can implement an ambitious RFID project, finally, the audience is not always clear what real benefits RFID can bring to their enterprise. However, we must not forget that RFID technology has managed to firmly enter into our life and fully justify himself. In particular, this is due to the widespread distribution of automatic access systems card access is applied to the reader, gives him nothing, as the radio signal, which enables accurate radio-frequency identification cards and access to the territory. The same principle operates in the Moscow subway, when the passenger puts the card against the reading window of the turnstile and goes inside.

All this means that RFID technology can and already are used in many applications and that the technology has serious potential. The company's mission Tendo - contributing to the realization of this potential and in the development and integration of specific RFID systems for the effective solution of various business tasks. Today distinctive features of RFID technology enable us to talk about using it to control moving objects for the purpose of monitoring insertion / removal of objects that control the movement of objects in a single given route, to prevent theft of valuable objects, find objects for their correct identification and implementation of shipment, operational inventory of assets of businesses, including warehouse and office property, authenticity control and operation of industrial facilities, the initial registration of patients in emergency.

RFID technology company Tendo: ideas and solutions

Below this section outlines the range of issues and the range of RFID solutions to the problems that are currently ready to offer the tendo company. At the core of each of these solutions has one or a set of key capabilities of RFID. Read more about all RFID technology You can read in the relevant sections of the site, passing through inline links or by clicking on the pentagram on the right. Introducing the range of solutions is not closed – we are always ready to develop new ideas and undertake to implement interesting projects with the aim of contributing – together with our partners and other players in the RFID market – in the formation of a stable RFID industry in Russia.

Control of moving objects

One of the advantages of RFID technology is the large (up to three feet) the read range label, which is attached to the object. If you install fixed RFID readers at predetermined locations, these readers will record all the facts of the passage of objects through them. This simple mechanism can be used to implement a number of RFID systems.

Modules load / upload sites

RFID readers can be installed at all points of entry / exit of enterprises, forming a kind of "RFID gate". These gates will record every passed through them unit containing all necessary information about the object, including the passage of the object. If all the facts load / upload the objects will be written to and stored in the database of the enterprise, it is possible to trace the history of moving objects, promptly upon discovering the loss.

This RFID technology can be used in various fields. In stock – to account for entering the warehouse / shipped from the warehouse of goods in enterprises with own fleet – to account for all the facts of entry / exit of objects from the Parking lot, and also obtaining relevant information about when the car left the fleet, when she went back and returned it at all. You can use the system to monitor the movement of human resources in the enterprise and verify the completeness and correctness of the retractable gear on the object of the working groups.

Tendo company organizes modules insertion / removal of objects within the RFID system of inventory and accounting of fixed assets (OS) of the enterprise, to create a complete archive of all of the facts load / upload the OS of the enterprise. In this case, including checks sanktionierung the removal of the object – label is programmed in the database as not allowed to be removed, and its removal from the premises an audible alarm signal.

Control the movement of objects in a single given route

RFID technology allows to check the correct movement of objects in a single certain route. To do this, the entire route can be mounted RFID readers that track, at the time or not a certain object has passed the checkpoint and went there anyway. This allows the operator to obtain current information about the movement of objects and by tracking the correctness of the movement, to respond promptly to technical failures or theft. This RFID technology can be used for plants and mines to control the movement of the trolleys with the load. Another example of an effective application controls over the movement of railcars within the rail freight transport.

Monitoring of "risk areas"

RFID readers can be installed in places where a high risk of theft of objects – in this case, the RFID reader "tracks" labeled RFID tagged object, signaling the dispatcher that he is in "the risk zone". This solution can be effectively used for the mining of precious materials, where a high percentage of thefts which usually occur on alternate paths of movement of the trolleys.

Property search

RFID technology can be effectively used to search for objects that allows remote sensing of objects. Mobile RFID terminal select the object you want to find, and then reading is carried out until the desired object will not be in the reading area and will not be identified. This solution can be used to find shipped from the warehouse facilities or within the system of logistics (procurement) of the fixed assets of the company for the purpose of OS search, for which an application has been lodged for repairs from the user.

Tracking objects

An equally important difference between RFID technology is the possibility of obtaining data with a large number of objects that is supported by the presence of anti-collision mechanisms that allow not only to receive information from several labels, but also differentiate and process the incoming data. This feature is extremely effective for the implementation of RFID inventory objects, in particular, fixed assets of the company, when receiving data with multiple labels allows to count the labels at once with a large number of enterprise OS without interrupting the workflow.

Control of authenticity of objects

Another difference between RFID technology and other technologies identification of objects, in particular, the more traditional barcode is that no direct line of sight marks for its reading. This enables hidden placement of tags inside the object and opens new perspectives for the control of authenticity of objects. The hidden tag can be used for authenticity control of industrial products, which also contributes to the microprocessor chip label, which is almost impossible to forge. In particular tendo company has implemented this method in a unique for today in the Russian market RFID control system authentication and the operation of the helicopter blades, integrated at the Moscow machine-building plant "Forward".

Primary registration of patients in emergency (emergency)

Finally, a distinctive feature of RFID technology is the increased resistance of RFID tags to adverse physical and chemical environmental factors. RFID tags can have different types of execution (form factors) which allow some types of tags can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius, such labels are used to control the operation of the oil pipes that exist in particularly harsh operating environments. Tendo company uses the property of increased stability of labels in a unique in the Russian market RFID systems to account for patients in emergency situations, designed for the all-Russia center of medicine of accidents "Protection" the Ministry of health. RFID label in this case has a form factor in the form of a bactericidal bracelet attached to the wrist of the victim and not to break, pour water or cover with dirt so that the mark is not read. All this provides improved safety recordable bracelet information about the victim that, in turn, allows you to get all the data about performed "in the field" primary care to provide further assistance to the victim in the hospital.

The complex features of RFID technology

You can note that the above division decisions in the matter what unique property of RFID is used in them, is rather arbitrary. Actually, almost every decision involved not one distinctive characteristic of RFID, but the whole set of unique characteristics. So, for the solution of RFID inventory OS is important not only able to read many RFID tags, but also the security label that eliminates the need for re-marking of the OS. Security labels are also important for control the operation of the helicopter blade, available in tough operating environments and demanding identification years after the date of sale. In the accounting system affected is important not only to "physical endurance" of labels, but also the possibility of contactless reader that allows you to scan plastered with mud or blood bracelet. Thus, the effective use of RFID is not based on a single distinguishing characteristic, and "supported" the whole complex of distinctive properties, which, however, opens a vast (though not unlimited) integration of RFID technology.

RFID services company Tendo: integrated RFID automation

One of the hallmarks of the company's Tendo is the complexity of the projects undertaken by our customers of RFID technology:

  • Analytical work for the selection, modification or creation of RFID technology, optimally suitable for Your enterprise;
  • Selection and delivery of the best RFID equipment needed to integrate the chosen solution;
  • Development of individual software or modifying existing software systems to the needs of the particular customer;
  • Installation of RFID equipment at the enterprise and integration software;
  • Full technical support of the installed RFID complex.

The individual approach ensures that we will always find You the most optimal solution for automation of Your enterprise.

Support in the implementation of RFID technologies: Tendo and Motorola

For several years the company "Tendo" implements fruitful cooperation with Motorola is a recognized global leader in corporate mobile technology. Among these solutions: the RFID equipment (RFID MC9090 G, XR480, FX7400), which provides for realized based solutions for increased reliability and safety. It is Motorola's hardware directed the implementation of RFID solutions with our company.

Read more about all RFID technologies offered by the company Tendo, You can find by clicking on the appropriate pentagram, located to the right of the page. You can also obtain comprehensive information on all systems from our managers.

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