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Tendo: Tovarodvijenia

The program complex is intended for automation of accounting and inventory of fixed assets, accounting of production and trading processes, accounting in the restaurant business. Additionally, automating accounting, accounting staff, accounting staff time, payroll, etc. providing complete automation and analysis of cash operations, allowing to track the cash flow. In the framework of a system organised microkiosk to check prices and count the basket, as well as to ensure the functioning of loyalty programs.

The complex can be used to organize one or several enterprises. The organization of the enterprise into a single information space allows to systematize the work of geographically distributed sites and compile comprehensive reports on each object or group of objects on the network.

System that allows mobile terminals and printers, enable mobile sellers.

The possibilities of the program complex Tendo: Tovarodvijenia


  • Automation of enterprises of any complexity with an unlimited number of jobs
  • Operational ONLINE exchange of information between enterprises
  • Support geographically remote retail outlets with centralized accounting
  • Integration of the module with all kinds of electronic equipment
  • Implementation of various schemes of work of the enterprises taking into account specificity of business processes
  • Conduct retail and wholesale sales of goods within the single enterprise
  • Flexible pricing and discount system
  • Maintaining a calendar of vendor payments
  • Records of the transport Department
  • High degree of automation of routine operations

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