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Tendo: cashier (client)

All the information about the product (name, price, instock, codes, and discounts) is stored in the module "Tendo. Merchandising" and from there goes directly to the cashier. Installed at the checkout the software company Tendo allows to increase the throughput of the checkout and ensures accurate calculation of the cashier with buyers.

The functionality of the cash register module "Tendo. Cashier"

  • Sell/return the internal ID, scancode, by selecting from a list of goods
  • The cashier Fast food set of goods in a receipt, you should go through the quick menu, which is configured in the module "Tendo. Merchandising" (each "button" is assigned to a specific product)
  • The calculation with buyer is made: any currency, by credit cards
  • Mixed payment
  • The settlement with the buyer at the internal map of the store
  • The system is manual and temporary interest discounts / surcharges on the goods, receipt
  • Built-in calculator
  • Correction check, remove products and cancellations check
  • System save and restore pending checks
  • Standard X and Z reports
  • Re-printing receipts and Z report
  • Control cash in cash drawer at any given time
  • The possibility of changing commodity prices
  • The creation of a system of discounts manual / automated discounts
  • Credit and debit cash transactions
  • Collection
  • Complex replacement, periodic and special reports on vending operations, products, types and product groups, and checkout cashiers, hourly activity, discounts, markups
  • Warehouse accounting and control of inventory
  • Reports on sales by sellers
  • Third-party payment services (e.g. mobile services)
  • Accepting money from the organizations

Control of cash zone

The software module "Tendo. The cashier allows you to fully control the work of cashiers. The shop owner can decide what level of authority when working with the program to provide the cashier. Functions of a cashier can be restricted only by the penetration checks. In another case, the cashier can issue refunds of product, reset the product item, to view X-report, etc.

Access to the program can be performed by login, with the help of a plastic card or badge with a bar code. Also a software module "Tendo. The cashier" allows you to upload products to cash automatically, i.e. without intervention by the cashier.

A software module can be integrated with video system POS-Inspector, which enables video surveillance over the work of cashiers, followed by an analysis of cash transactions.

Cash module is used in a wide system of discounts

  • discounts on products: single product, group of products, depending on the number of goods
  • discounts set by the cashier manually, for example: pension
  • discount on presentation of pension certificate
  • discounts on discount cards discounts depend on the time the check was issued
  • other discounts (depending on the store format and the willingness of the customer)

The software module "Tendo. The cashier" can not only determine whether to grant the buyer a discount (for example, depending on the time of shopping), but also to protect the store owner from abuse of cashiers (for example, be asked to enter No. pension certificate of the buyer).

Software company Tendo successfully applied to automate trade networks, as the existing discounts can apply to all stores.

The software module "Tendo. The cashier" takes into account not only the discounts in each store, but also funded discount networks at the same discount card.

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